Attorney John Willard has spent more than 15 years in the legal field including working for the Baltimore County Police Department as a forensic supervisor and as an adjunct professor at the Baltimore County Community College. With so many years practicing law, Attorney John Willard has both worked on and studied a wide range of cases and is able to create personalized defenses for each client. With each experience, he is able to better himself as an attorney, drawing off of what he has learned previously and applying knowledge to new cases when appropriate.

He is committed to providing world class legal representation for those accused of crimes throughout Maryland. He is passionate about representing and defending those who need his help. He is committed to providing excellent service and uses all available resources to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. He is dedicated to working on your case and keeps you updated at all times. When decisions need to be made, he explains them to you and gives you his advice so that you can make informed decisions.

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